Start an affiliate partnership with Axolaina

We are one of the largest loan brokers in the Nordic countries and are constantly looking for new partners. Unlike other brokers, we have our own affiliate platform, so you get our commission entirely to yourself, without intermediaries.

Why choose Axolaina's affiliate program?

  • We are one of the largest loan brokers in the Nordic countries
  • You work directly through Axolaina without intermediaries
  • You earn up to 30% more by working directly with us
  • You can work in all Axo countries; In Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
  • Track your results in real-time on our platform
  • Our own affiliate team will support your work
  • You get a price match guarantee - we offer the same or more for the Axo campaign you run today
  • You get to choose the most suitable earnings model for you
  • Receive payments monthly and always on time, download your invoice in PDF
Silmälasipäinen, kauluspaitainen mies kertoo affiliate-kumppanuuden eduista.

Choose the best earnings model for you

We offer you two earning models to choose from; the Tier-model based on traffic quality or the Revenue share -model based on a disbursed loan sum.

The Tier-model is based on an algorithm that predicts the quality of the traffic you deliver. The traffic is divided into four different tiers; we pay according to the level at which your application ranks. The better quality traffic you send, the better you earn.

The Revenue share -model, on the other hand, is based on a disbursed loan sum. In all its simplicity, we share the commission we receive from the banks with you. You earn a percentage of every disbursed loan that comes through your traffic.

Our earnings models are designed to support your business.

Affiliate marketing with Axolaina

We have 15 years of experience in affiliate marketing. We are distinguished from other actors by our partnership program, which means that you get the full commission we pay directly into your pocket.

On our platform, you see all the key metrics clearly; clicks, conversions, commissions, and EPC. In addition to the Finlands market, you have the opportunity to promote us from the same account in three different countries; In Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Becoming an affiliate is easy, all you have to do is sign up and our affiliate team will help you from there.

Become an affiliate and start earning commission on your website traffic!

About Axo Group

Axolaina is part of Axo Group. Axo Group is one of the largest loan brokers in the Nordics and we work with the best banks in all our markets. We are a digital broker for personal lending, connecting the right customer with the right bank. 

Axo Group was founded in Norway in 2008 and operates in addition to Finland, in 3 different markets, in Norway and Sweden under the name Axo Finans and in Denmark under the name Lendme. We are already market leaders in Denmark and Norway, and in Finland, our volume is growing strongly. Our network includes many Nordic banks and financial institutions. Our goal is to make loan comparisons as easy and fast as possible for the consumer.

Our affiliates are an integral part of Axo's operations and we already have 15 years of experience in affiliate marketing. We have built an affiliate program to meet the goals of our affiliates as we are one of the leading affiliate partners in the financial industry.